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Agendize : Notaries' trusted partner

May 16 2019 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 3 minutes read

Customer Relationship


Faced with the hegemony of major intermediation platforms, who sometimes have questionable practices, there are alternative solutions based on the absence of parasitic relations between a profession and their customers. Agendize's appointment management system for French notaries is one of them.

Customer satisfaction, which begins with resolving dissatisfaction, has become an essential parameter of a company's success. "Companies and industries able to clearly identify these dissatisfactions and reduce through technology or a service culture have more chances to get out," writes Olivier Ezratty, strategy consultant innovation (read article). And the author cites two famous examples: Uber, who was created to compensate the lack of taxis, and Blablacar, who was launched to respond to the high costs of some train’s journeys.  

Threat of uberisation

Obviously these new actors have very quickly destabilized the market in which they burst, to the point that we made a neologism to qualify this new phenomenon: uberization. According to Olivier Ezratty's definition, uberisation is the "value migration linked to the intermediation of services by a transnational actor that quickly becomes dominant in its market". This "value migration" has already affected many sectors - commerce, advertising, video, music, television, the press, real estate, hotels and restaurants for example - and threatens many others: banking, insurance, education, medical professions and legal, etc.


Intermediaries criticized

However, some intermediation platforms are now under the fire of critics, blamed of violating the ethical rules of the profession they have seized. This is the case of the leading site for making online appointments for doctors in France. Some practitioners complain about being referenced on this site when they would not have agreed to appear on the site, others complain because their name continue to appear as they left the platform. Sarah Ugolini reports the words of doctors who speak of "commercial parasitism" and "forced sale", even if the incriminated website ensures compliance with the law (read the article).


Optimal integration

The online scheduling solution adopted by another highly regulated profession - notaries - meets all the ethical and confidentiality criteria inherent to its exercise. "We had to find the solution that offered both the greatest ease of use and the best integration in our notarial ecosystem, especially with its security constraints",says Damien Gréau, R & D Manager of the ADSN Group (in charge of the communication of notaries), quoted by Philippe Haumont. This solution was provided by Agendize. It combines a unique digital identification system and full synchronization with the different calendar systems.


Respected deontology

The setting up of the online scheduling meets several objectives, according to the aforementioned article: fight against the risk of uberisation and its corollary, the loss of control of the intermediation between the client and his notary; preserve the equality between notaries; improve the visibility of the profession; and of course guarantee the respect of the deontology. The deployment of this solution is proceeding, and nearly 13,000 notaries have already adopted it, mainly because of its ease of use.

Other regulated professions sharing the same objectives in terms of respect for ethics, responsiveness, accessibility and digital transition are likely to use Agendize' solution. We think in particular of lawyers, bailiffs and accountants. 


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