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Marketing Digital - Coronavirus // June 08 2020

The Covid-19 Crisis hit local economies as a whole, forcing many businesses to close their doors. Today, as some countries are entering deconfinement, we see ourselves forced to adopt new habits to protect themselves, and protect the others. 

Our online appointment booking solution offers many benefits to support you in your recovery of activity and to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Here is a non-exhaustive list 


Here are 5 benefits provided by our solution


1. Plan for reopening

Our solution includes a built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module, allowing you to send email marketing campaigns to your customers, inform them of the reopening of your business, and to inform them of the various measures put in place to respect barrier gestures.


2. Define custom schedules

Did you have to close your business during confinement? You can define closing periods to prevent appointments being made during this time. Or, instead, what about accepting appointments over the phone or video conferencing?

If your business is now open to the public, but on a different schedule to prevent contamination, configure your Agendize to accept appointments only during your custom opening hours.


3. Organize your appointments

The necessity of respecting barrier gestures pushes you to disinfect the various surfaces after each client. It is possible to define a buffer time between each appointment to prepare and receive your next client safely. 


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4. Limit contacts as much as possible

With Agendize, set up online payment when making an appointment. You avoid possible contacts and exchanges during payment while saving time! 


5. Save time

Disinfecting surfaces takes an important part of your days, and you certainly had to reduce the number of appointments that you can manage in a day. Online appointment scheduling solutions save you time; and in a situation like this can replace the phone more than ever, so that you are never interrupted. 


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