Why choose a mobile app to manage your calendar more effectively?

News - online scheduling // April 19 2018

Why do you need a mobile app to manage your calendar? If you are often on the go and want to take care of your and your team's schedule remotely, then this is a great option for your business! Mobile applications are multiplying and their usefulness is more and more obvious to manage everyday’s life. Discover now 3 benefits of having an app to manage your business online.

A simplified connection with the mobile application

Use a mobile app to view, edit, and add appointments and customer information. Mobile calendars give you all the necessary information for the day as well as instant access to all your important data (customer files, daily reports, working hours, appointment notifications, and more).

To check your calendar on your mobile application, simply click on a logo. Forget about paper agenda or accessing a website to check your appointments online via Google search or typing a URL. And advanced calendars, like Agendize, have integrations with other softwares, as Gmail, Outlook and professional CRMs, so all the information is kept and easily accessed in one place.

The perfect companion for nomadic workers

Did you forget to bring your laptop with all your contacts? That's not a problem with an online calendar app. Whether you're at the office, at home or on the road, your calendar follows you everywhere.

Business calendar applications are the best allies of your mobile workers. Salespeople, delivery drivers, technicians are the first to benefit from a clear view of their schedule and constant changes. It's also a simple way for your employees to easily view and carry their agendas on business trips.

Mobile applications are more "user-friendly"

Applications are available on the Apple store for iPhone users and on Google Play store for Android smartphones.

Unlike a mobile site, an app is entirely designed for a specific platform. Due to this important difference, the applications are often more adapted interfaces and are more user-friendly than a website. They make the customer experience much easier through navigation and content specifically adapted for mobile uses.

Want to know more about the benefits of a complete business calendar solution? Click here to contact Agendize today.

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