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Digital Marketing - Online Appointment Booking - API // March 14 2019

A month ago we listed the 5 benefits of Agendize’s API for software developers. Now, let’s put some of those learnings into action! 

Your CMO decided to launch a highly personalized branch, store or agent locator that includes relevant contact information for your visitors, such as phone numbers and driving directions. But now you want to remove any friction and make it easy for your leads to book an estimate, sales call, car repair or legal consultation without having to pick up the phone, fill a form or (worst) send an email to contact@we-will-reply-when-we-can-don’ In this blog post, we will show you a few tricks to make this happen.


Create your account(s)

First things first, it is important to understand how the Agendize platform works properly. If we take the online appointment booking solution, for instance, an Agendize account is structured like this: 


So what are the minimum requirements?

  • Creating at least one company per account;
  • Creating at least one staff per company;
  • Creating at least one service per staff.

In massively deploying accounts, companies, staff, services or resources, you may choose to create and configure Accounts using the API. How long does it take? Well, it depends on how much pre-configuration you want to do up front and the amount of data to prepare. One of our resellers took three weeks to perform such API work. But once setup is complete, maintenance becomes very easy.


Configure the online appointment booking experience

Agendize gives your designers all the tools to provide a truly customized experience. Our knowledge center provides all the tutorials you need to configure your online appointment booking experience. Upload for instance your preferred colors, logo, and set up custom CSS within the platform for the user interface and notification templates.  

Your team can also manage the Agendize widget using the API to achieve complete control over the appointment booking process as well as design.


Adding booking buttons to your location pages.

Now that your accounts are created and your widgets configured let’s turn your directory into a powerhouse. The Agendize platform provides with different methods and experiences, from pop-in calls-to-action (CTA) using HTML, to iFrame and even mini-sites (DirectURL). You can for instance create an HTML button for each one of your locations.

By following our API documentation, ECF, a driving school in France, was able to quickly add booking buttons for their different locations in their branch locator. Each branch has its specific working hours, staff members and services. By the way, you can learn more about this client and others by downloading our Case Studies.





About the Author:  


Florentin Rambaud

Strategic Accounts Director, Agendize

Florentin has been handling business development for Agendize since 2015. If he is not working with your company on growth strategies, you will most likely find him in a vineyard or spamming you with pictures of his baby.

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