4 Tips to Retain a Customer With Your Digital Services

// August 23 2018

Your salespeople are brave hunters, proud of their hard-earned prey. But evolution proves it: those who are most successful in feeding the tribe will prosper.

Prospecting accounts for 80% of the commercial budget, for only 20% of new contracts. A first sale costs 7 times more than a renewal of order. Existing customers also tend to increase purchase volumes. However, the repeat business is not automatic. Customer loyalty is really acquired only from the 3rd order. Digital interfaces play a growing role in the customer relationship. Your users enjoy a seamless exchange with your services. They move smoothly from one equipment to another, and expect you to keep up.

Discover our 4 best practices for customer loyalty. Immerse yourself in the daily lives of your customers. 

Today, three-fourths of your customers rely on their own online research to make their purchase decision. Contrary to appearances, this new behavior multiplies the opportunities to reinforce the customer relationship. The main difference is that it is now online. According to a Markess-Eloquant study, a person consults his or her phone 150 times a day on average. Social networks, chats, blogs, websites, etc. The vast majority of B2C conversations are now starting online because that's where your prospects are. This relationship continues and strengthens with your existing customers. They are not tied to a single interlocutor, as long as the customer relationship goes smoothly. Your teams must follow the customer step by step, and be ready to provide personalized answers to their new needs.

This requires preparation. A consumer uses an average of 5.6 channels before finalizing a purchase. And 35% of users use more than 4 channels to contact a customer service, according to the Customer Service Observatory. Each of your customer personas develops their own online habits. It's up to you to identify which ones, and make sure you're always accessible on the channels your customers prefer. Fortunately, marketing automation tools leave you spoiled for choice: emails, SMS, chats, solicited call back, etc. You go beyond the limits of direct interactions, to support your customers at every step of their decision making.

Invite your customers to your world! From your website to social networks, your digital interfaces are your first link with your customers. Take the opportunity to send them a strong signal! By offering fluid and personalized exchanges, you want to welcome your customers to a world designed for them. The first impression decides the first order, but also those following. Clean screen layouts, features that exactly meet customer needs, accessible exchanges without being invasive, all contribute towards a successful customer relationship.

Yet 82% of consumers cite a fluid and personalized service as an important factor of loyalty.

A software suite focused on your customers will be useful at every step of the loyalty.

  • It (re)ignites the relationship: it is the "wow effect" of having a wonderful tool at your disposal.
  • It removes irritants that discourage your customers, such as computer malfunctions or administrative complexity.


Introduce the Repeat Business

Of course, loyalty is not about passively greeting your users. You have to know how to generate the next order. By multiplying the exchanges online, you accelerate the loyalty of your customers:

  • You learn about their behaviors, needs, and the solutions you can provide.
  • You create the opportunity to pass on the right information at the right time to streamline the buying process.

The key is to get out of the seller's role. You become your customer's adviser. It's even easier as you have already collaborated in previous purchases. Your target is no longer to sell your products: you are there to help them solve their business challenges. The first step, as we have seen, is to build a digital customer experience which is fluid and accessible at all times. This has a direct impact on sales.

As a result, companies that take online appointments have their reservations increased by 40%.

The second step is to know more about your customer, their needs, and their projects. You can analyze their online actions; or ask them the question directly, via satisfaction survey or exchange space. Email, SMS, live chat, free callback: a whole range of contact points give voice to your customers. An effective CRM centralizes all this information, for the benefit of your teams. Finally, when you know enough, go on the offensive! Personalized emails and SMS, and interactive chats let you call users directly. By providing them with a targeted solution on their favorite channel, you accelerate sales and strengthen customer relations.


Prepare Your Teams for Responsiveness

Your salespeople must keep pace with users. The maximum time allowed for a customer service response has dropped to 48 hours. And the sale often goes to the first provider who responds to a customer. According to the firm E-Consultancy, 51% of e-buyers decide more readily if they get instant answers. By adopting a custom software suite, you overcome the nagging problems for your teams and your customers. For example, an agile CRM saves 35 seconds per call for your sales reps. And your customers avoid having to explain their situation to a new interlocutor. And, a diary management tool saves your teams 75% of their time compared to a paper organizer. It also releases new appointment slots.

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