4 Reasons to Join a Reseller Partner Program

Customer Experience Management - Markeitng // August 02 2018


If you are a vendor, marketplace, or digital agency, joining a reseller partner program is proving to be an attractive alternative. These programs provide you with the tools, resources, and benefits needed to develop a profitable software solution. Here are 4 reasons that will motivate you to become a reseller partner.


  1. Turnkey Software Offers

The first reason for joining a partner program is the opportunity to offer your customers and prospects a turnkey software package that is efficient, reliable and sustainable. There is a rich and varied range of business software solutions that you can choose to resell to develop your business around a complete portfolio of products and services.

For example, as a partner, you can choose to use SaaS solutions to reach your clients and prospects, our program for online appointment management, and you can guarantee recurring revenue from year to year.

This type of well-known program is a springboard for enhancing your business model. An opportunity to develop a differentiated product that positions your company in the middle of a fast-growing market and ensures recurring revenues.


  1. Benefit From the Know-How of the Supplier Company

In all reseller partner programs, the supplier company commits to the success of the business of its reseller partners by placing their business expertise at the partners’ disposal.

Therefore, as soon as the partnership program begins, you benefit from regular technical, commercial and marketing support. This support, often tailored to businesses of all sizes and experience of the teams, may include:

  • Administrative training: to take control of the management platform and familiarization with management and processing tools.
  • Comprehensive technical training on the range of software products and independent management by your teams.
  • Marketing and sales training for your sales team.

In addition to the reseller partner support, there is a regular follow-up at each stage of implementation.


  1. Save Time on Solution Deployment

Since the products and services that you are going to resell are developed by the provider company, you do not need to make time for the processing of regular software updates. This is taken care of by the supplier company.

In addition, it provides ongoing support to the reseller partner in rolling out its software to its customers.  

Finally, during training, you benefit from marketing and communication kits or tools to help you promote software solutions.

Become a reseller partner of an innovative company that creates total solutions which are easy to use with a skills transfer program, saving you time! Especially, if you opt for quick and easy to deploy SaaS solutions through pre-configured settings.


  1. Enjoy White Labeling And Its Benefits

Beyond the benefits of a reseller program, you have the opportunity to enhance your business by offering your customers the same "Reseller"  products and services, albeit under the name of your own brand.

It's quite perfectly possible and beneficial in more ways than one!

What meets your needs, in this case, is a white labeling partner program or, more precisely, white labeling distribution. This system allows you to rely on your supplier company infrastructure and software packages which have already been developed and market them under your own brand name.

In addition to the advantages of a reseller partner, if you opt for a white label software product, you firstly limit the risk involved in investing in a new niche in the market. And you also have your customers and control of your position in the market in terms of products, rates and therefore margins. All the while enhancing your company, which will have raised its profile.

Joining a reseller partner program from an innovative company that creates turnkey software solutions is choosing a partner which is committed to the success of your business and supports you in your sales and marketing techniques.

Would you be willing to grow your business with us?

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