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3 reasons you need appointment booking for Salesforce

January 24 2017 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 4 minutes read

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Every business faces significant challenges with organization and managing growth. While CRM solutions have proved durable for getting stakeholders across a business on the same page, there are still small functionalities which make a big difference — appointment booking being a powerful one in particular.

Salesforce’s pioneering use of the cloud has made it a unique leader in the CRM market, and its unique structure makes it perfect for additional applications that serve make business more convenient. Coincidentally, appointment booking is one of the most powerful apps that can be incorporated into Salesforce. While it helps increase appointments booked by up to 40%, it also serves a variety of needs that give any user good reason to incorporate it into their daily workflow.


You don’t need to book calls, you need to close clients

Every sales and support representative needs to optimize their time. Consider how many hours per week are wasted handling calls, comparing availabilities and following up with clients to confirm specific bookings? “I used to waste up to 3 hours every week just from trying to find the right time to talk to clients,” says Matt Sudowski, EVP of Sales for HandyNetworks in Denver, Colorado. “With Online Appointment Booking integrated directly into my CRM, I can book customers with real-time availabilities while maintaining continuity with my customers.”

The fact is, the most productive activity any business’ staff can be doing is interacting directly with customers — not wasting time organizing their calls or activity and discovering less information by the minute. With Appointment Booking for Salesforce, you’re permitted to offer your customers easy booking through a simple widget, and get their requests right every time without fail.


Getting customers on the phone/in meetings shouldn’t be a challenge

Of course, everyone knows that the primary challenge you have once you’ve booked an appointment is making sure your client shows up. Many clients have difficulty keeping track of their schedules, and decision-makers have multiple dependencies which can fog up their day and make them difficult to access. Wouldn’t it be easier if you were able to deliver them automated notifications and reminders at times of your choosing, directly through email and SMS?

Appointment Booking software allows you to configure these exact notifications and reminders so you can reach your client automatically in the days and hours leading up to your meetings. If you don’t hear back from them, you can generally assume they’re ready, while reminders also prompt them to reach out if they have forgotten something or need to reschedule. With all this in mind, automated reminders can reduce no-shows by as much as 80%, while appointment booking makes rescheduling and more even easier!


When you have to book things For yourself — the process should be intuitive

Appointment Booking solutions often integrate with email and other forms of communication, but sometimes you have to use your own widget to get the job done. Appointment Booking for Salesforce can allow you to deploy a scheduling button or widget across different lead or contact cards and allow you to auto-fill important client information, so the next time you’re on the phone and a customer’s ready to book their next call, you can put it in your calendar and deploy all your automated notifications and reminders with ease. 

Every activity you book through Appointment Booking for Salesforce can be stored in lead or contact cards associated with the email you use to identify your customers. Appointment Booking for Salesforce makes it easy for you to get over the hump of getting in sync with customers, and instead drives them to really connect with you, meeting all the needs you have on your way to closing new deals or supporting customers effectively.


With all that in mind, it’s important to consider the most robust Appointment Booking app for Salesforce possible. Agendize certainly meets that need for any Enterprise or Unlimited Edition user of Salesforce CRM. “I researched a ton of different appointment booking softwares that synced with Salesforce and Agendize was the best by far,” adds Andja Milos of HollisWealth, “Easy to use, cheapest option and great features - the choice was obvious!”

Furthermore, with easy setup and a dedicated support team, Agendize serves Salesforce CRM users in every way possible to ensure that their integration is complete and convenient. Request an 14-day free trial of Agendize Appointment Booking to learn more!

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