3 reasons why every marketing agency should be doing local marketing

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The name itself can be misleading: “local marketing.” It sounds like something you’d only do for the local hair salon or coffee shop. But even if you work for an agency serving global companies, there’s good reason to start developing local marketing skills on your team — and to learn about the technology that’ll help your clients benefit from local marketing.

As our friend Chandal Nolasco Da Silva at Acquisio wrote on our blog last year, “Local is the next frontier for marketers.”

Small and local businesses have rapidly been increasing their local marketing budgets as new digital technology is making it easier for non-marketers to create campaigns and reach people in their area. But it’s not just small companies. The same technology — social media applied locally, regional advertising tools, and relationship management platforms like Agendize -- are allowing national and global companies to scale their local marketing programs.

But how do you know if your agency is ready to invest in local marketing? Here are three reasons why you should consider it:

1.   Your clients have many locations

2 reminderYou may not think you need to do local marketing because you deal with massive budgets for national clients like H&R Block. But guess what? H&R Block serves up tax advice at local offices — and to engage with local communities and customers, they need local marketing.

2. Your clients get a lot of business through organic search

5 white labelFor many companies, organic search is a big driver of new business and leads. And beginning in 2014 when Google rolled out the Pidgeon update to its search algorithm, the location (or locations) of your business is more important than ever.

These days, an SEO (search engine optimization) audit on a business website will inevitably reveal opportunities to improve how Google sees you in different regions. One trick that can help is to implement online appointment booking on your client’s website for their different offices. The local address information included in your booking tool will help -- and every visit to that page will be another indicator to Google that your client’s business is popular in that region.

But it’s not just about your client’s website. Google also uses social media mentions about companies in different regions as indicators that will improve a businesses search rankings in an area. Google also looks at external links that point to your site from directories and other local business. The more digital activity in different locations, the better the organic search results.

Whether your client is a national consulting company that has an office in one location, or a national franchise with storefronts across the country, local SEO is a crucial part of the marketing mix.

3. Your client asked you to optimize their Google My Business listing

Google My Business (GMB) is becoming increasingly important — and if you’ve worked at a marketing 1 appointmentagency long enough, you’ve probably at least researched GMB to understand its importance to your clients.

GMB is more than just a directory. The content you might include in a Google My Listing will have a major impact on a company’s organic ranking in different locations — and influence Google Maps. Through the GMB dashboard, you can also add content posts that are location-specific — including storefront promotions -- to keep the content fresh and local. And, you can enable an appointment bookings feature that ties into your website, too (we’ll explain how to do this with Agendize in the next blog post).


As Chandal at Acquisio mentioned in her earlier blog post: "At the end of the day, national brands needed local optimization, and if our agency didn’t offer it, they’d simply turn to another that could. And let’s face it, from the client’s point of view, if you can’t optimize locally, how can they trust you with national or even international scale campaigns."


Learn More About Local Marketing

Ready to jump into local marketing and want to learn more? Here are a few of the resources that our team at Agendize loves:

Need advice on the latest local marketing tech? Our team would be happy to talk with you about your local marketing needs — and demonstrate how Agendize can help you add local marketing services.

Contact us today!


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