New Agreement Promises to Make the Most of Freemium and Paid Products with Agendize APIs


MONTREAL, Quebec - July 28, 2016 - PRLog -- Agendize, Heise RegioConcept and Sellwerk are pleased to announce a new agreement that will give millions of German consumers the ability to book appointments online with their favorite local businesses.

The two publishers will feature two products developed from Agendize Online Scheduling. The first, "Light Calendar", will be a freemium service that allows business owners to offer their customers appointments online, while syncing their calendars and managing bookings entirely free of charge. The second, a more advanced service called "Profi Calendar", will come at a charge to its business users but allow for advanced integration of Agendize's native CRM, email marketing, and other features like SMS notifications before appointments.

With a reseller model that Heise RegioConcept and Sellwerk intend to expand to multiple platforms and websites like, and, Agendize is now deploying its scalable backend and powerful suite of APIs to serve even more marketers across Europe, beating out local competition and engaging more consumers as a result.

"We will offer a free test period to all our clients who are interested in Online Scheduling", says Michael Oschmann, CEO of Sellwerk. "That way they can experience the benefits of the new products first-hand. We were very pleased with Agendize's powerful suite of APIs and the ability to customize interfaces in producing a German-language version for our clients. Having Agendize as a preferred partner will add crucial value for them."

"Agendize's durability and scalability stand out from the rest," adds Ansgar Heise, CEO of Heise RegioConcept. "Their Online Scheduling is a proven conversion app that we are proud to offer our clients, who will be pleased at the ability of our millions monthly visitors to finally book appointments with their local businesses."

Das Telefonbuch, one of Germany ́s oldest and best-known phone and address directories, will handle the technical integration of these new Agendize-based products for HEISE and Sellwerk's Das Telefonbuch clients. Those interested in understanding how simple and easy Online Appointment Scheduling is can take a look at this German-language demo page for more.

With Agendize's reseller program, digital publishers, agencies, website builders and designers of all sizes are able to provide Online Scheduling and other tools to their clients with ease, even using white-labelling to power online customer interactions through Agendize's technology - all without compromising their own brand.

"Agendize is dedicated to providing Online Scheduling and other customer engagement capabilities to businesses of any size - from Fortune 500 corporations to sole-proprietor enterprises." Says Alexandre Rambaud, Founder and CEO of Agendize. "This includes working with businesses directly, as well as through digital agencies who provide the marketing services all firms need to compete in our modern economy."

"Our new partnerships with Heise RegioConcept and Sellwerk now mean that even more German companies of any size can access the engagements they need," adds Mr. Rambaud. "Furthermore, we're proud to begin partnerships that not only have international appeal, but also do more to provide local businesses with the tools to create their own success."


About Agendize

Founded in 2003, Agendize features all the calls-to-action a business needs to connect with consumers online. The suite revolves around the Online Scheduling and an integrated CRM. Available in white-label with advanced APIs, the solution is used by companies and publishers of all sizes and sectors. Today, Agendize is used by over 100,000 companies and generates millions of leads and interactions around the world.


About Heise RegioConcept

Heise RegioConcept provides small and medium-sized companies with services for their local marketing. The product portfolio ranges from the creation of homepages, apps and videos to professional Facebook pages and first-class placings on Google. It also includes ad placement in the German telephone directories Das Telefonbuch, Das Örtliche and in residential directories - in printed and in digital form.

Heise RegioConcept is part of the Heise Group. Heise is a by-word for directory media and print and online media, including c't, iX, Technology Review, heise online and various books and apps. Besides its headquarters in Hannover, the Heise group has branches in Munich, Goslar, Rostock, Erfurt, Heidelberg and Gelsenkirchen.


About Sellwerk

Sellwerk provides comprehensive marketing solutions for small and medium enterprises such as directory advertising (mobile, online and print: Das Telefonbuch, Das Örtliche, Gelbe Seiten), search engine advertising, websites and corporate videos. Sellwerk offers personal face-to-face consultation, helping clients boost their sales numbers and gain new customers.

Sellwerk is part of the Müller Medien corporate family, which comprises five business divisions: New Business, Print Media, Broadcast, Book and Directories. Müller Medien ́s companies are well-established, competent partners in the implementation of communication and sales related objectives, e.g. visibility and online reputation, winning new clients and strengthening existing customer relationships.