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Small business, your website is online, and visitor numbers are up. Congratulations! Now you can get to the heart of the matter... How many of these visitors will be convinced by your offer? Many are preparing to pit you against your competitors. How can you survive the comparison and take advantage of their visits to convert them into leads, or even customers? The configuration of your website is crucial. Here are some 3-step tips.

Step 1: A well-designed homepage

Visitors researching a product or service need to be reassured of your expertise, especially if your reputation as a small business is still being built. There are several aspects of your homepage that you need to work on carefully. The first is to make navigation quick and intuitive.

Ease of navigation is valued by 91% of e-commerce site visitors. It's considered more important than prices... So forget about 30 lines of information on your range's sub-ranges: the web surfer needs to understand in a short space of time whether you're meeting his needs. On average, they only read 28% of your page. Reduce the amount of information to what's strictly necessary, and organize it so that it's logical to read. To get your bearings, ask yourself how your offer meets the visitor's needs? How can you save them time in their search?

Ease of navigation is valued by 91% of visitors

Step 2: Information at your fingertips

Your offer is now presented clearly enough for the visitor to surf happily and quickly between your different products and services. It's so easy, they'll almost think about making a purchase! Be ready to make it easy for them.

Solution for lukewarm visitors: the form

Your visitor is interested, but has other things on his mind. He needs information but doesn't have time to look for it. In this case, a contact form is a must. Up to 70% of shopping baskets are abandoned along the way, mainly because visitors want to think before they buy. Don't let them run away without making contact. If the form is the gateway to more information for your visitor, it's also, and above all, the way to turn your site into a sales tool. If you adapt it to your business and your target audience, you can get to know your customers precisely. Choose a tool that allows you to customize your forms according to highly flexible parameters. Each time a visitor fills them in, you should be able to develop a list of qualified customer contacts to guide your sales strategy.

Note that the form, if linked to your "Contact us" button, must also be linked to several "call-to-action" buttons, cleverly placed on every page of your site. A call-to-action is literally an invitation to action, i.e. to click. "Discover our new range", "Download our catalog", "Free trial" are all examples of buttons that offer content interesting enough for your visitors to be inclined to leave you their precious contact details...

Solutions for visitors in a hurry: well-designed landing pages

When a web surfer is looking for a specific service on the Internet, you need to be able to offer them the page that perfectly meets their needs. This page, known as a "landing page", must be designed with the visitor's expectations in mind. It's like a siren song: it charms the visitor with the promise of relevant details about the offer he's interested in, provided he shares a few personal details. Last but not least, if the siren inside you is to succeed, this page must leave no room for escape: the navigation bar of your site does not appear. The text must be all the more thoughtful: you need to convince the visitor to leave his contact details in exchange for interesting information.

Hot visitor solutions: click-to-chat and click-to-call

Your website is so well designed that your visitor is ready to buy. It's just that one little piece of information that's missing... Installing a click-to-call or click-to-chat button can be a profitable solution in this case.
You're probably thinking that nobody picks up the phone to buy on the Internet anymore. And yet, a click-to-call button on your page, allowing visitors to call you for free, can increase your sales by up to 23%. After all, 90% of online visitors expect human interaction. Don't disappoint them. Click-to-call allows you to pick them up just as their motivation to buy is growing. You turn a visitor into a customer with a single click. Interesting when you consider that nearly 60% of mobile searches result in a call...

Click-to-call can increase sales by more than 20%.

Another way to turn your site into an effective sales machine is click-to-chat. This solution is estimated to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates by 70%. Not only does it boost sales, it also optimizes your reputation. Visitors who are taken care of and responded to in a personalized and relevant way are more likely to be satisfied and to share their customer experience.

Click-to-chat reduces cart abandonment by 70%.

Step 3: Offer the freedom of online booking

If your services require booking, online appointment booking can considerably improve your sales. An e-commerce website makes purchasing possible 24/7. But if your business requires booking, your site is of little use at weekends or evenings, when you or your team aren't around to answer the phone. Online appointment booking makes you available from anywhere, at any time, saving you up to 40% more appointments. No mean feat for a fast-growing VSE or SME!

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