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We met Patrick Lecomte, manager of Lecomte Prestige et Siligom in La Chapelle Saint Luc. The company decided to opt for Agendize's online appointment booking system, in order to relieve the pressure on its switchboard.

The online appointment booking tool is so interesting that we decided to integrate it into our new home car repair concept.

Can you tell us about your business?

I'm Patrick Lecomte, manager of Lecomte Prestige et Siligom in La Chapelle Saint Luc. We've been operating in the Troyes region for 30 years, specializing in tires, car mechanics and maintenance, as well as Covering Car.

How do you manage your appointments today?

Our customers contact us mainly by telephone and word of mouth. Brand image is important to the company, and customers know us primarily through our reputation and price positioning.

Our tire referencing with Siligom gives us visibility on the web. Locally, we offer even more aggressive rates on tires, as we aim to increase our workshop traffic. The management of this traffic and the availability of the workshop are also managed by the online diary and appointment scheduling solution.

What's in it for you when you book an appointment online?

Online appointment booking means we don't have to answer the phone all the time.

We have a very high call volume, and we're already very busy drawing up quotations. Offering our services for tires, air-conditioning and servicing is therefore very much appreciated by both the garage and the customer.

The tool is so interesting that we've decided to integrate it into our new concept of in-home car maintenance and repair. The aim is to simplify procedures and save time. If your car breaks down or is immobilized, we'll come to your home to diagnose and repair it, eliminating the need for a tow truck and saving you the cost of a tow. Overhaul, maintenance, oil change, filters, brakes, timing, shock absorbers, tire repair or change - we take care of it all.

How do your customers access online appointment booking?

The tool is integrated into our website and business cards via a QR code. However, I prefer to communicate about this tool face-to-face. Little by little, appointments are being automated and my customers are spreading the word about this service. In short, I take the time to explain it to them, and my customers are my best ambassadors.

Did you have any concerns before implementing the solution?

My main fear was that, like many other software packages, I'd lose time understanding and configuring the solution. In reality, I quickly got the hang of it, thanks to the integration of these services. The hour it takes to set up the solution for your business is a huge time-saver later on. As we explained earlier, we've also integrated it into our new local home auto repair concept.

Your favorite part of the tool?

Easy and modern. I'd recommend this service to anyone, as it's a real time-saver for users.

Finally, how would you describe the Agendize team's support on this project?


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