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The Internet user is an impatient being. Faced with a multitude of choices, he will reward you for having redoubled your efforts to make it easier for him to get in touch. Online booking software helps you to differentiate yourself in this field, especially in the following four cases.

Case 1: Your customers are satisfied, but not enough

According to an OpinionWay study, 77% of French people have already made a reservation online, all fields included. The people surveyed believe that the main advantage is the availability of the professional. Indeed, 74% of them appreciate the fact that they can book at any time and therefore outside opening hours, to have access in one click to all your availabilities and to be able to preserve without having to phone. Online booking makes you accessible 24 hours a day, which can save you almost 40% more appointments.

Case 2: You have many clients/users but have difficulty organizing yourself

An online reservation software allows you to save 75% of the time spent managing your reservations manually. With each online reservation, your customer file is updated, creating new customer contacts or enriching the history of existing contacts. This system allows you to classify your customers according to tags. For example: "VIP customer", "loyalty card", "allergic to...", "often late"... You thus have a qualified customer database, which can be the basis for targeted marketing campaigns (promotional offers, customer birthdays, sales...).

If you already have a CRM, the online booking tools integrate them! This synchronization allows a unified management, in the respect of your working habits. The generation of new customers/users is considerably improved.

Finally, a smart calendar must be able to connect to your existing calendars and those of your teams to eliminate duplicate bookings and optimize your schedules. 100% of duplicates are eliminated with this type of calendar synchronization. It allows you to plan and monitor the workflow of your team members by viewing all calendars in real time.

Case 3: You are starting as a self-employed contractor and you are short of time

In addition to the time saved by not having to manage reservations manually, an online reservation software allows you to manage your activity from your phone or your computer. By visualizing your schedule at any time and wherever you are, you gain in efficiency - and therefore in credibility - with your customers.

An online booking platform should be quick and easy to set up. Simple to use, it allows you to start accepting appointments in a few minutes.

Once launched, several tools can help you fill your schedule quickly. Some online booking platforms are "all-in-one" customer relationship solutions. For example, they have a free callback service, called "click-to-call". This service allows visitors to your web page or Facebook page to request a free callback. This feature can help you generate more inbound calls and therefore more customers.

Case 4: Your customers complain that they can't reach you

Customers are increasingly demanding freedom in their purchasing process. They want to choose the channel through which they contact you, and there are many preferences in this area: appointments at the point of sale, telephone calls, social networks, email, SMS, chat, etc. They also expect their experience to be optimized: that you offer them, in addition to your usual services, the means to optimize their purchases, their organization and their time.

Click-to-call and click-to-chat services allow you to meet this expectation. They bring your advisors closer to your customers and free them from the traditional waiting time associated with voice servers or emails to customer services. With these two tools, you accompany your website visitors by phone, with the free callback, or by chat. You save them time and improve their satisfaction.

Finally, an online booking software allows you to send appointment reminders to your customers, by SMS or email. These notifications can be quickly set up according to your preferences. They allow you to reduce missed appointments by up to 80%.

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