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Thanks to online appointment scheduling, Plurial has succeeded in implementing a simple digital tool to facilitate contact with its customers. How has Agendize enabled a rental management organization to optimize the scheduling of appointments? Read the interview conducted by our partner Orange Business Services.

The Plurial Novilia case

The challenge

Plurial Novilia wanted to revitalize its customer relations by introducing digital technology, in order to offer its customers increasingly high-quality services. To this end, the company has chosen to offer its tenants the option of making appointments with its customer service representatives via digital means, in order to relieve the pressure on its telephone and physical reception desks, and thus optimize the customer experience for its tenants.

The Agendize solution

Plurial Novilia chose Agendize for this project, adopting its online diary and appointment scheduling solution. This customized solution enables Plurial Novilia customers to book appointments with their advisor directly from the company's website, even outside opening hours. Previously, tenants had to call or visit a branch to make an appointment with an account manager. Now, they can make an appointment via their intranet, by choosing one of the 7 appointment reasons on offer.

The benefits

In adopting Agendize's online appointment scheduling solution, Plurial Novilia chose to adopt a turnkey solution that met its needs in the field while synchronizing with its existing system.
In Plurial Novilia's eyes, the most important benefit was to relieve the pressure on its telephone and physical reception desks. But that's not all!

The Agendize solution has been configured to meet the specific needs of the real estate industry.

This has enabled Plurial Novilia to offer seven reasons for making appointments online, with specific durations set for each.

The result is optimized schedules and increased productivity for customer service representatives.

In addition, the appointment reminder function has reduced the number of appointments not kept by tenants.

Last but not least, tenant satisfaction has increased, as they can now book appointments 24 hours a day via their intranet, and are received at the agreed time.

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