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With the emergence of e-commerce, online payment has become a key criterion for today's customers. From ease of use and convenience to availability, let's take a look at the advantages of an online payment solution.

Time for dematerialization

In today's digital age, companies need to stand out from the crowd by offering simplified services to consumers, in order to win their support, if not their loyalty!

Online appointment booking, emailing tools and digital queuing are just some of the tools that can be used to enhance the customer experience.

But for the purposes of this article, let's focus on online payment solutions.

Constantly on the rise in recent years, the proportion of online purchases is showing no signs of abating. According to FEVAD, 37.5 million French people, or almost 85%, buy online every year.

So it's essential to set up online invoicing and payment methods such as Paypal or Stripe.

The advantages of online payment

In addition to the benefits for customers, online payment also offers numerous advantages for the company using it. Particularly in terms of invoice management.

Gone are the days of depositing cheques or making manual invoice processing errors. From now on, everything is automated, which considerably reduces the loss of cheques and cash!

From the customer's point of view, online payment is more secure, as bank details are not necessarily stored. What's more, online payment has one of the lowest fraud rates of any payment method, at just 0.226%, thanks in no small part to the entire authentication procedure.

The benefits don't stop there! In addition to securing payment for your customers, online payment also helps a company secure its finances. Keep an eye on your cash flow and fight unpaid bills.

A solution that's as beneficial to your business as it is to your customers!

You gain in flexibility and security, and your customer experience is enhanced! There's no more need to go to the checkout, since payment is made upstream. So you can offer your customers a better experience, improving your relationship with them and increasing your chances of winning their loyalty!

Agendize and online payment

Integrating payment software with your online booking tool allows you to automate your appointment booking process 100%.

That's what we offer with our solution! Our Agendize connectors enable you to integrate your payment solution with our online appointment scheduling solution.

With Agendize, reduce the number of missed appointments by 80%!

Synchronizing these two tools offers you a number of advantages: from a business point of view, it not only secures your sales, but also ensures that your customers come. Don't wait to receive your bank details before confirming an appointment - everything is now automated! Ask for a deposit or full payment at the time of booking! This considerably reduces the number of missed appointments.

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