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Today, 70% of appointments are booked via online research (Frenchweb, 2016). Why not integrate an online appointment booking solution directly into your website? Discover the advantages of such a solution for your garage or car dealership.

Easier appointments for your customers

The online appointment booking process takes place directly on your website, without the need to install any software. All the customer has to do is visit your site and select the time slot that suits him best. To make sure no appointment is missed, reminders specifying the day, time and place of the appointment are sent automatically.

Real-time availability updates

With an online diary, you remain available 24/7. As soon as a time slot becomes available earlier for one of your customers, they are informed and can choose to bring forward their appointment. This real-time modification optimizes your internal organization, and makes things easier for your customers. Some online diaries synchronize with several calendars: Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, iCal or Google Calendar. This synchronization enables you to view all your appointments, and avoid 100% duplication.

Increased productivity for your teams

Thanks to online appointment booking, you can reduce your no-show rate by up to 80%. You'll also save 75% of the time usually spent managing your diary by telephone. The online appointment scheduling solution automatically sends your garage's customers an e-mail, enabling you to select the time that suits you best from your customers' preferences.

You can devote more of your time to your business and customer satisfaction. An undeniable gain in productivity.

Easy access to your availability from a variety of media

Some online appointment scheduling solutions have a mobile app available on iOS, and Android. This means you can remain available at all times, and manage all your appointments remotely, even when you're on the move. Accessible to everyone and easy to use, your online appointment scheduling solution can be used via several media: smartphone, computer, or even tablet. For added convenience, you can choose to view your schedule daily, weekly or monthly. You can view information on each appointment and each customer. An essential aspect of good customer knowledge.

Online appointment booking is a feature with many advantages!

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