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We went to meet Maxime Rozenbaum, osteopath at the Pont Sainte Marie medical center in Troyes. Maxime opted for Agendize's online appointment scheduling solution last January, in order to facilitate the management of his appointments.

"A simple, fast and efficient online appointment scheduling tool

Mr. Rozenbaum

Can you present your activity?

I am an osteopath installed in the medical house of Pont Sainte-Marie in Troyes, for 1 year and a half now. Several of us work there, including midwives, nurses, an endocrinologist/diabetes specialist and myself.

How long have you been using the online appointment booking solution?

I started using Agendize in January 2019. As for my colleagues, they will be equipped soon.

In response to what need?

I was receiving a lot of calls every day for appointments and it was becoming complicated for me to listen to all the messages and answer each patient. I also opted for this solution to avoid that some patients call without leaving messages.

How did you manage appointments before that?

Mostly by phone. About 99% of the patients left a message on my answering machine. The others, by sms and more rarely by e-mail.

How do your patients access online appointment scheduling?

Exclusively on Google My Business. All they have to do is type my name, my first name and my profession in the search bar and they will go directly to my page where my appointment button is located.

Did you have any concerns before the solution was implemented?

Not at all! On the contrary, since social networks and online appointment booking are booming, I was even rather impatient!

What are the benefits of online appointment scheduling for your business?

Making appointments online saves me a lot of time and allows me to follow up on my appointments more closely. Indeed, thanks to Agendize, I can be informed of an appointment and modify or cancel any appointment according to my schedule. As for the patients, they can make an appointment at any time of the day or night, which is really very practical.

Do you think the implementation of online appointment booking has improved your view of digital?

My vision of digital has not necessarily changed since I was already aware that online appointment booking is a current tool, especially with the new generations.

Your favorite part of the tool?

Synchronization with Google Calendar. Because, whether I'm on Agendize or Google Calendar, the synchronization is done in real time without any problem so it's really convenient.

Describe Agendize in one sentence?

A simple, fast and efficient online appointment scheduling tool.

Finally, how would you describe the support of the Agendize team on this project? Are you satisfied with it?

In one word: excellent! Thanks to the availability and responsiveness of the Agendize team, everything went perfectly well.

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