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We went to meet Blandine Proffit, Naturopath in Rosières near Troyes. She tells us about her use of the online appointment booking solution Agendize, as well as how she managed to overcome her fears about digital.

"Agendize has made it easier to manage my appointments and opened doors for me in digital communication"

Can you present your activity?

I am Blandine Proffit, Naturopath in my office 3 pas de côté, in Rosières near Troyes. Naturopathy is an accompaniment which aims to help people to optimize their health by natural means. We have 10 techniques including 3 major ones: diet, psychic well-being, and everything that is movements and physical exercises.

How long have you been using the online appointment booking solution?

About 6 months.

In response to what need?

I was spending a lot of time trying to block appointments with my patients, offering them many dates that never went. Someone in the same industry as me told me about online appointment scheduling, so I figured why not.

How did you manage appointments before that?

By phone with my paper agenda, since I did not have an electronic agenda.

How do your customers access online appointment scheduling?

On my website mainly. I also regularly send out newsletters, so I now include a link to online appointment booking.

Did you have any concerns before the solution was implemented?

Like any new computer, I am always afraid of not being able to do it or not getting started, and then finally I was very well accompanied.

"I thought people would be more reluctant, but actually no, there are an awful lot of people who are happy to have the ability to make an appointment online."

What are the benefits of online appointment scheduling for your business?

First of all, I lose a little less time offering different slots to clients, who don't go. But, I also gain customers thanks to my online calendar.

For example, recently a person needed a quick appointment with a naturopath. She made an appointment with me because I was available, and she was able to make an appointment on Sunday evening for Monday morning. This makes it easier for clients who might have gone elsewhere without this immediate call to action. Finally, with the feature that allows you to leave reviews after each appointment and have them appear directly on Google My Business, I received several very positive reviews.

Do you think the implementation of online appointment booking has improved your view of digital?

Yes, digital has allowed me to structure myself a bit more. So I am very happy to have adopted this solution. It also opened doors to other tools that I hadn't thought of integrating into my operations. Also, I really thought that people needed to call me, take time for me to explain. I thought people would be more reluctant, but in fact no, there are a lot of people who are happy to have the possibility to make an appointment online.

Your favorite part of the tool?

The support and the human aspect of the team.

Describe Agendize in one sentence?

Agendize has made it easy to manage appointments and has opened doors for me in terms of digital communication.

Finally, how would you describe the support of the Agendize team on this project?


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