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It's not always easy for a small or medium-sized business to set up an optimal organization of appointments. By opting for an online diary, you're equipping yourself with an essential time management feature. Here are the 5 main strengths of online appointment scheduling.

1.24/7 online appointments

Online booking tools enable your customers to book appointments 24/7. Online booking software frees you from scheduling and sets you apart from your competitors.

You no longer have to waste time setting up appointments over the phone or face-to-face, but remain available online full-time for your customers. At the same time, your employees can view their daily, weekly or monthly schedules, and modify them independently in real time.

2. efficient personnel management

With online appointment scheduling, you can manage your staff's work schedule. You transfer your entire personnel management to your platform, and organize your employees' vacation periods, who can access all your modifications in real time. You organize your employees' working hours, while notifying them by e-mail of any new, modified or cancelled appointments.

3.remote appointment management

With an online diary accessible via a mobile application, you'll be able to manage your appointments and much more, remotely. In fact, if your booking solution has a mobile version, you can access your schedule at any time directly via your smartphone or tablet. An application that lets you set and manage your appointments, contacts, conversations and newsletters remotely, even when you're on the move.

4. better customer knowledge

Improve your customer knowledge with appointment history. You can access all previous actions taken by your customers: calls, chats, appointments, cancellations, as well as personal information. In this way, you strengthen your proximity to your customers and increase customer satisfaction.

5. fewer missed appointments

Missed appointments are extremely inconvenient, and have a detrimental effect on a company's productivity and organization. With an online booking solution, you can reduce your no-show rate by up to 80%. Your customers are automatically notified by SMS and/or email as soon as they book an appointment. These notifications contain all the necessary details for the appointment (date, time, place) and can be personalized. Another obstacle to good business organization? Duplicate appointments. By automatically synchronizing certain reservation solutions with your other calendars (Outlook, Google, Microsoft Dynamics...), you can reduce duplicate appointments by 100%.

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