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With the massive arrival of digital technology in our daily lives, accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis, digital transformation has become a priority for the entire professional sphere. At the same time, public sector administrations have also embarked on their digital transition to meet the challenges imposed by the situation and users' need for immediacy.

Popularized in the wake of the coronavirus and its many confinements, videoconferencing's advantages have enabled it to be gradually introduced into the corporate world as a way of reorganizing work and maintaining business continuity, and over time it has become a new way of meeting.

What are the advantages of videoconferencing for your company?

Building quality customer relationships

1. Facilitate access to services for all those who can't get around

There are many reasons why a person may or may not be temporarily unable to come to an appointment: illness, childcare, lack of transport, etc. Offering videoconference appointments simplifies access to your services!

2. Videoconferencing offers an immersive experience

Despite their widespread popularity in the commercial world, telephone meetings today offer few advantages over videoconferencing. More interactive due to its visual character, the latter offers an immersive experience that will focus your interlocutor's attention for the duration of the appointment.

3. Reach a wider range of customers by offering a new service

Unlike physical meetings, videoconferencing requires no travel. All you need is a computer or telephone. So your customers can attend their appointment wherever they are!

4. It's easier to arrange a videoconference appointment than a physical one

Setting up an appointment remotely is less complex for both parties. Freed from the travel and reception constraints of a physical appointment, it will be easier to agree on a date with your contact.

Optimizing work organization

5. Limit disease transmission

Because it's not just about coronavirus, limiting contact also means limiting the risk of transmitting germs and viruses that can easily lead to colds and flu, the consequences of which are not necessarily harmless.

6. Conducting an interview via videoconference is less stressful

During a sales meeting or a videoconference interview, both parties are in their own environment. Videoconferencing provides a neutral environment, allowing you to complete your meeting with less stress.

7. Your documents are always at hand

During a videoconference exchange, you can easily access all your documents and resources. In just a few clicks, you can share a web page, a presentation or a document.

The Agendize plus

Using Agendize, all the documents needed to prepare and carry out the appointment can be shared by the customer via the online appointment form.

Expand your business

8. Ensure business continuity

This last statement is almost self-explanatory, and the year 2020 is the best example. Successive lockdowns and holiday periods have severely limited travel options, forcing many businesses, banks and public administrations to close their doors. Videoconferencing proved to be an ideal solution for providing customers and users with a continuous reception and information service.

9. Reduces sales force travel costs

For sales representatives, travel costs are often an obstacle to expanding into new markets. This is where videoconferencing comes into its own, drastically reducing costs and facilitating access to new international markets.

10. Boost employee satisfaction

The Covid era has definitely shaken up employees' working habits, highlighting the advantages of telecommuting for your teams and putting a de facto end to 100% face-to-face meetings. Videoconferencing allows you to offer your employees the possibility of organizing their working weeks between face-to-face and remote work, without impacting on the cohesion of your teams, who remain connected by videoconference.

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