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With the massive arrival of digital technology in our daily lives, digital transformation has become a priority for all professionals. At the same time, public sector administrations have also begun their digital transition to respond to the problems imposed by the situation and the need for immediacy of users.

Why choose Agendize

Much more than an online appointment scheduling solution for your users, Agendize offers many features developed to meet the challenges of the public sector. It helps you in your daily tasks to boost your productivity and improve your relationship with your users and citizens.

A simplified user experience for increased satisfaction...

  • Available 24/7, online appointment booking allows your users to make an appointment even outside of your opening hours from your website, your Google My Business page, your email signature or via a QR Code displayed on your posters.
  • If the contact is not already present in your customer database, a record in his name is automatically created.
  • Finally, a few days/hours before the appointment, the user receives an email and/or SMS reminder of the appointment.

... and a significant time saving!

  • Your team members have access to the management of their schedule. They configure the appointment scheduling according to their schedules, services and logistic preferences
  • Our solution offers a daily, weekly or monthly view of the appointment schedule
  • Your teams improve their time management and gain in productivity. Unburdened by the management of appointments, they can now devote themselves to other tasks.

Your users are satisfied and your teams are relieved of the work involved in managing schedules and appointments.

Features designed for you

1. Make sure your data is in good hands! Security is a major issue. Our servers are hosted in France by providers who implement 24/7 protections. We are also certified as a Health Data Host!

2. Changing your work habits with the implementation of a new work tool can seem frightening at first. That's why we offer you dedicated support. A dedicated account manager will accompany you step by step in the implementation of Agendize.

3. Facilitate your users' procedures! Thanks to the France Connect connection, your users can easily make appointments with their Ameli, Impôts.gouv, Laposte...

The digital catalog

What better proof of quality than government recognition? We have recently joined the GouvTech Catalogue, which lists a range of software and digital solutions for administrations of all sizes! Subject to multiple criteria in terms of security but also integration, join this catalog allows us to prove once again the reliability of our platform for your business sector!

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