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To demonstrate its commitment to town halls and local authorities, Agendize travelled to the Ministry of the Interior's Place Beauvau on May 24 to sign a partnership agreement with ANTS. The event was attended by Anne Gaelle Baudouin, Director of ANTS, Dominique Faure, Minister Delegate for Local Authorities and Rural Affairs, and Stanislas Guerini, Minister for Public Transformation and Civil Service.

By signing this agreement, Agendize undertakes to facilitate the referencing of online solutions for booking appointments at town halls for the processing of national identity cards and passports, and to help reduce waiting times for users.

To be deployed in autumn 2022, the "Rendez-vous Mairie" platform proposed by ANTS is intended as a response to the crisis that is lengthening the time it takes to issue identity documents. To achieve this, the platform takes the form of a search engine that enables citizens to view availability within a given geographical area, by searching by commune.


How to appear in ANTS results

1 You work with a partner publisher

If you already have an online appointment booking solution partner of ANTSyou don't need to do anything. Your commune and your availability will automatically appear in the search results for users. You may be eligible for a service quality bonus. Please contact ANTS for details.


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2 Your community works with a non-partner publisher

Contact your editor to discuss your needs and present the connection project. You can also put him in touch with the project team by sending him the following e-mail address:

If the conditions are met, a partnership agreement can be drawn up, enabling your availability to appear on the platform.

3 You do not have an online appointment system

It's not too late to equip yourself. It offers many advantages for your agents and constituents: modernization, improved quality of service, time savings... Click on the button at the bottom of this article to make an appointment with one of our account managers to find out how Agendize can help you in your day-to-day operations.

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