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Honda Puissance 3 Moto now accepts online appointment bookings

16.11.2021 15:16:01 | Florentin Rambaud

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While today's dealerships are able to present their offerings both in-store and on their website, they tend to forget about one feature: online appointment booking. An oversight that can have serious consequences as this possibility is more and more expected by buyers.

A tool that removes the waiting time for customers

Can you explain your activity?

I am Mario Lorenzi, owner of the Honda motorcycle dealership and co-manager with Damien Chalons. We specialize in the sale of new and used motorcycles and equipped with a motorcycle mechanic workshop all brands. Honda is known for its notoriety and presence on Troyes for more than 10 years under the name "Power 3 Moto".

How do you manage your appointments today?

Our customers contact us mainly by phone because they need to be reassured about their future purchase. Regarding the so-called "basic" services (tires, emptying, revision of 1000 kms ...), online appointment booking is really interesting because it responds to an immediate request from the customer. We are the first Honda dealership to be equipped with this service.

Since when do you accept online appointment bookings?

We have been communicating about it since the end of June. This tool is very popular with customers who use it. We will soon install a tablet in the store and inform with posters of the availability of this service.

How do your customers have access to online appointment booking?

Online appointment booking is installed on Facebook, Google My Business and on our Honda local site. The Honda Marketing team has played the game and integrated this tool that it finds really innovative because it brings an additional service to the customer and redefines a part of the customer experience.



Did you have any fears before implementing the solution? 

The main fears were the difficulty of setting up our packages, the synchronization with our existing email box, and explaining the benefits of the solution to the technicians.

In the end, the synchronization was easily done via Google Calendar and the tool well perceived by our technicians because it answers a real problematic, that is to say to offer simple services of access to our customers to avoid them waiting.

What are the benefits of online appointment booking for your activity?

Our shop sells motorcycles, services, as well as equipment. The online appointment booking feature brings convenience to our customers that wish to save valuable time.

The next step will be to install an in-store kiosk even though our customers are starting to book appointments from their home.


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Do you think that setting up online appointment scheduling has improved your vision of digital?

The goal was to explain to the team the benefits of this solution in our daily lives. Many benefits do not need explanations. In summary, the tool is really at the service to the team without needing to be a digital pro. The digital transformation in this case makes sense.

Your favorite in the tool?

The accessibility of the tool for the user, the customer, and myself.

Finally, how would you describe the support of the Agendize team on this project ? Are you satisfied ? 

Great! because everything was easily integrated and synchronized with the existing tools.

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