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Beltramelli Auto Body Repair Shop now accepts online appointment bookings

16.11.2021 15:09:39 | Florentin Rambaud

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We met with Brady BELTRAMELLI, executive manager, and Pauline DOSNON, sales assistant of Beltramelli & Pilote, auto body repair shop in Troyes and Pont Sainte Marie !

"It's a real time saver for our customers but also for our teams !"

Can you introduce your company?

Beltramelli & Pilote is an auto body repair shop specialized in bodywork, painting, mechanics and glazing replacement on all types of cars, from the small city car to the sedan / station wagon through the SUV. We are about forty employees present on Troyes and the Agglomeration via our various garages. Proximity is important for us to intervene quickly, in the best conditions and with professionalism.

How do you manage your appointments today?

These are mainly incoming calls and direct visits to the garages. Our clients are directly in touch with our hostesses.

Since when do you accept online appointment bookings?

The tool was integrated in April. We are always providing more services to our customers and digital tools are part of our quality approach. Many platforms like AD Services and iDgarages are already using online appointments and we wanted to bring this service to our customers. We communicate on this service since July via Facebook and will extend this communication on the messaging of our telephone standards.

How do your customers / users have access to online appointment booking? 

Online appointment booking is available on our website, Facebook page and Google My Business.

The services offered are mainly related to general mechanics (oil change, clutch, tires ...). This is a real time saver for our customers but also for our teams.

Beltramelli GMB

Did you have any fears before implementing the solution?

We realize that online appointment booking is a service more and more requested.

I admit that the solution was of little interest to me but finally, during the first weeks, appointments were made without any particular communication


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What are the benefits of making appointments for you and your teams?

The main benefit: to unclog the switchboard on basic services.

Customer side, it is a real time saver and services available 24/7.

Do you think that setting up online appointment booking has improved the vision your employees / agents have of digital?

The implementation of the solution was very fast. The new solutions are often poorly perceived by employees but Agendize has not changed our habits because the service synchronizes perfectly with our existing applications

Your favorite in the tool?

Simplicity and flexibility of use.

How would you describe the Agendize team's support for this project ? Are you satisfied ?

Excellent support and this set up allowed us to review some of our processes.

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