Agendize launches Agendize Anywhere

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We mentioned in one of our previous posts the importance of having a mobile version of your website. We followed our own good advice and launched our brand new mobile site! Do you Want to know more about it? Here is our press release.

“Agendize introduces a dedicated mobile version of its software suite and website, Agendize Anywhere, which enables its audience of Digital Agencies, Resellers, Hosting Providers, Telcos and end-user SMBs around the world to access the most comprehensive suite of online interaction tools from any mobile device.

 The new mobile experience has been designed for both new and existing users, whether looking to discover Agendize features, or access their  Online Appointment Scheduling, Click-to-call, Live Chat, and more, while on the go.


Engagement tools and mobile websites: inseparable assets for eCommerce

According to a survey conducted by Ericsson, the number of subscriptions to smartphones could increase from 900 million at the end of the year 2012 to 5,000,000,000 in 2016. Whatever the future number will be, we can be certain this is a high-growth area. The mobile version is available at, with automatic redirects from the regular site when approached by a mobile device.


Designed generically, so it is compatible with almost any device type, Agendize Anywhere provides a compelling user experience, whether accessing the website and service via iPhone, Android, or other smartphone device. Existing subscribers may register for access, or use their existing account details to gain access to the dedicated mobile suite, whereas new subscribers may learn about the company, its services and features, as well as try any service free for one month – including the popular Online Appointment Scheduling, Click-to-call, and Live Chat features, as well as utilize powerful back-office features such as CRM, Analytics, and more.


SMB’s, resellers: Manage your business on the go!

Agendize Anywhere is built on the same foundation as the company’s existing platform: it’s intuitive, straight to the point, and promotes call-to-action. By enabling a world of customer relationship opportunities, anywhere, anytime, our audience of Resellers, Digital Agencies, Hosting Providers, and Telcos, and their SMB end-users, will be able to use the full service from their mobile device, as well as providing a compelling discovery service for new users.

Using the new Agendize Anywhere back-office via mobile, it is now possible to manage Online Appointment Bookings, Manage Staff & Resources, Communicate with clients, etc. via powerful tools that include Calendars, CRM and Analytics. Furthermore, users may even customize and deploy Agendize services directly from their mobile device, putting the power to convert online visitors into customers in the hands of businesses when and where they need it.


About Agendize

Agendize is a one-stop shop for easy-to-install, simple-to-use, customer service software and engagement tools, helping small to large sized organizations convert site traffic into business and allowing consumers to interact with businesses around the clock. Tools like Click to Call,Online Scheduling and Live Chat help you improve communications with those that matter most… your customers!

Agendize was founded in 2003 and serves over 20 countries worldwide. Our talented team is distributed around the world in four regional offices. Our HQ is in the charming town of Troyes, France. We also have offices in Montreal, Canada, Brussels, New York and Mexico City.”

How to Increase Conversions During the Online Shopping Season

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Decorate Your Website with Live Chat

This time of year is all about offering amazing customer service on and offline. Retailers around the world welcome the holidays with in-store discounts and seasonal sales clerks to ring up the holiday cheer. Do you ever wonder how many customers visit your physical store vs. your website?

In-store experience should never be ignored when it comes to e-Commerce. Many people visit a retailer’s website because they had a great in-store experience, so it’s important to maintain that good reputation online. Keep your customers happy so they check off their wish lists at your store and nowhere else.

One in five shoppers plan to buy more of their gifts online this year than last year, when shoppers said they would do 44% of their overall holiday gift buying online according to a new survey by MarketLive.

Therefore, equipping your website with the best customer service and conversion tools is more than necessary. Decorating your website is not only about stylish graphics and flashy promotions. Web conversion tools like Live Chat are proven to spice up sales and conversions by 25% and more any time of the year. Agendize Live Chat offers the type of personalized customer service and shopping experience that will bring customers back again and again.

No one wants to spend too much time searching for the perfect gift. Online shoppers expect a quick and easy experience. Agendize Live Chat opens the doors for agents and customers to interact one on one. By asking the right questions, your team can make better suggestions and sell more. Agendize’s proactive chat feature allows businesses to automatically approach new or returning visitors with a personalized greeting or question.

What are you waiting for? Start decorating your website with multiple conversion tools so you can be ahead of the game this year.

Happy Holidays!

Nancy E.

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Great New Live Chat Features – Complete Redesign, Proactive Chat and Shortcuts

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New Agendize Live Chat Widget

The new Live Chat widget

We’ve been hard at work at some amazing new features for Agendize Live Chat, and I’m really excited that I can finally tell you all about some of them.

New Widget

We’ve completely redesigned and rethought the widget. It will now live on the bottom right-hand corner of the user’s web browser so they always have easy access to customer support chat at any time and anywhere on your website.

Proactive Chat

This was by far our most requested new feature. Having a Live Chat button on your website is great, but nothing is better than being able to come right out and ask your customers if they have any questions. With Proactive Chat, you can have your chat widget open automatically and do just that. You can configure how long it will wait before opening and what message will appear, and you can show different messages to new visitors and people who have been to your website before.

New Agendize Live Chat Operator Console

The new Live Chat operator console

New Chat Operator Console

From your chat console, you now have easy access to a lot more information about your customers. Here’s a list:

  • Where the customer is located
  • Which page of your website she was viewing when she started the chat
  • Which page of your website she is viewing while chatting
  • What information she entered when launching the chat
  • A history of previous chat sessions
  • Which operators are currently chatting with the customer

Chat Shortcuts

Are there certain phrases you use in chat all the time? With Chat Shortcuts you can add them all as predefined messages and never have to type them again. Just find the right message in the list or type in the shortcut you defined and the message will automatically be sent to the visitor.

I think you’ll find that these features make the Live Chat button on your website even more engaging for your visitors and will help turn them into loyal customers.

Matt Fogel

VP Product

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Conversion Optimization is Not Rocket Science: Top 3 Tips

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Increasing conversions isn’t always easy, but it’s not rocket science either. There are many ways to increase your conversion rate without spending too much time or money. You’d be surprised how far small improvements to your website and marketing strategy will take you. Reserve some time this week to…

1. Ask yourself many questions

One of the best ways to increase conversions is to brainstorm common customer/new visitor questions with your sales and support teams. This exercise will educate your company to better address your customers’ needs. Work these questions and answers into relevant areas on your website. Link your helpful content to relevant blog posts, online brochures, marketing reports—anything that can help guide your leads to better understand your product/services and their value. Always offer your customers an easy and immediate way to get in contact with you via Click-to-Call and Live Chat in case they have any more questions.

2. Write like a 12-year-old

Time is money. Money is time. The big problem today is that no one feels as though they have enough time. Visitors online are easily distracted and don’t have the minutes (or even seconds) to read long and complicated content. Cut the Shakespeare and write like a 12-year-old—short, simple, clear and always to the point. The longer you keep your visitors browsing, the longer they have to convert. Offer them ways to stay tuned with your company. Videos, slideshows, case studies, testimonials are all great ways to keep them focusing on your brand.

3. Add calls-to-action everywhere

Don’t only offer your visitors reading material. Get them to take part in your company by following a fun call-to-action. Invite your leads to create an account, share your blog post, tweet your webinar, book an appointment and more. The more calls-to-action on your site, the more opportunities you createfor conversion. Be tasteful each time you reach out. A site bombarded with “click me” buttons and promo ads can scare away a valuable shopper. A good way to network and gather unbiased feedback about your site is to suggest a “feedback exchange” with other companies/professionals working online.

Have you discovered good advice that has helped increase your conversion rates ? Pay it forward and share your tips below.

Nancy E.

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Your Social Media and Website Strategies—Together They’re Better

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If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s fourth largest, between the United States and Indonesia.  And if your company website was a country, how large would it be?  Hmmm…

Video courtesy of @equalman (

In a recent blog post, @BrianSolis investigates the ROI of social media.He refers to:

The Benchmark Report: MarketingSherpa, sponsored by Vocus, to prove the growing importance of social of business’ budgets and the increase social spending between 2010 and 2011. The report found that the priority areas for businesses responding to executive requests to “show them the money” have several issues to overcome such as developing an effective social marketing strategy, converting social media followers into paying customers and so forth.

More and more businesses of all sizes are introducing social media budgets, experts and tools to the workplace. However, the issue above lies in the fact that social media strategies are often handled independently from additional digital action plans. Social media planning is growing too distant from the company’s home base—the website.

Uniting your online strategies is essential to successful communication.

Once online communication strategies are more aligned, ROI can be better measured (and will increase if you’re taking the right steps). The more communication tools your business offers, the bigger the chance you have of growing a significant audience interaction  on whichever digital venue you choose to use— websites, blogs, Facebook, etc.

Your website and social media blueprint must share the same objectives:

  1. Keeping the lines of communication open when your visitors are online and long after they leave and;
  2. Always keeping your visitors close to the brand.

As @ChrisBrogan explained in Entrepreneur:

Your main site is your home base: There are two things your website should do well: execute a solid call to action and give people a way to connect with you further.

Whether you’re selling shoes, apps or ideas, your website should always promote a clear-cut call to action.It’s also important that you make it easy for your visitors to contact you.

Why would anyone want to do business with an impossible-to-reach business? Live contact with Click-to-Call, Scheduling and Chat tools are more than necessary for any Contact Us page. Shouldn’t contacting a business via their website be just as easy (if not more) as posting on a friend’s Facebook wall? Quick, easy and live conversion and customer service solutions are part of the revolution