Online Appointment Scheduling: The next digital game changer for Healthcare Providers

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We always say that online engagement tools such as Online Scheduling are tailored towards SMBs, retailers, and other companies for business purposes. However, if we read in between the lines and try to understand the different uses for such a technology, we find other answers…

A recent Accenture (NYSE:ACN) survey, uncovered that 3.5 million US citizens a year are expected to turn 65 years-old through 2023. At the same time, the number of tech-savvy seniors is growing (57%).  Today, 62% of the seniors surveyed want access to self-serve tools like Online Appointment Scheduling Software when interacting with healthcare institutions but only 1/3 of Healthcare providers are offering such a digital interface to their patients.

Appointment Scheduling for healthcare providers

Lets put ourselves in the shoes of a Medical Center, a Hospital, a dentist, a surgeon, a doctor or any healthcare provider and imagine implementing an Online Appointment Scheduling tool on their website. What would change in their everyday practices or in their patients’ lives?

  • Automated patient database: with a complete profile and contact information (phone, email, etc…). No need to lose time asking your patient standard information. You already have it!
  • Mobile optimized: This enables you to access your client database and to manage bookings anywhere, anytime!
  • Online Booking availability: Patients can book an appointment with a doctor whenever they want. It makes it easier to contact Medical institutions and lowers the risk of patients of taking months before taking an appointment because they have no time to call their doctor. Patients are able to schedule an appointment even when their Healthcare provider is closed.
  • More bookings for healthcare professionals: Booking online enables patients to choose an appointment at a time that is most convenient for themselves and their healthcare provider and this enable doctors to provide treatments to more patients.
  • Reduces time spent with voice mail: Healthcare providers can say goodbye to their never-ending voice mail left by patients who want an appointment.  They save-time by having their schedules automatically organized and are no longer forced to listen to endless voice mails after work, and then worrying about follow-up calls and coordinating patients’ busy schedules.
  • Patient no-show risk is lowered: Thanks to Automatic SMS or email reminders.

There are significant benefits to both patients, who can easily contact their Healthcare providers, and professionals, who save-time and money by being bookable 24/7 .

Feel free to share more ideas of benefits that you can think of based on your experience or contact us if you want more information on online scheduling!

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Raphaël Iscar-Gutierrez
Marketing & Communication Manager

State of the (Local) Union

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A short article on Greg Sterling’s very insightful and informative blog, Screenwerk, earlier this week referenced a slide that has created a good deal of buzz in the local media space.

While it was very pleasing to see Agendize duly noted on what is being dubbed the ‘local media landscape’, I felt a slight pang for some of our partners and peers who also deserve to be represented there, with their name, or logo in this case, up in lights.

That aside, what struck me more than anything, once the initial hunt for the Agendize logo and those of some of the other companies I admire and follow was over, was just how many companies there are, and how overwhelming, and likely confusing, it must be for a local business that is considering how to effectively market online.

Slowly, but surely, the State of the (Local) Union is playing out. Local drives economies, so with the enormous potential for revenues comes an array of entrants into the local digital space. Some are new, some are familiar, some are opportunistic, others are misaligned and attempting to hammer the proverbial square peg of enterprise into the round hole of local and the Small-to-Medium businesses. Whatever their angle, local is BIG and the time for it to be both lead to water, and trusting enough to drink, is fast upon us.

A I mentioned, it’s pleasing for us to be recognized on this graphic, as we believe we set our stall out in a way that was best for local businesses, harnessing several difficult-to-tame technologies and presenting them in a single platform to make life easier for the small business user. And, to work with large Resellers the SMB community knows and trusts, in order to match our technological prowess with their local market savvy.

We are 10 years into our vision of what Agendize can do to simplify and improve local businesses’ online activities. We are still innovating, often predictive, but also in response to the rapid pace of change, to help convert their online traffic into real customers they can do business with. Through our unified platform of conversion tools – still the only unified platform on the market, I might add – we’re bringing powerful technologies in the areas of Online Appointment Scheduling, Live Chat, Click-to-Call, Call Tracking, Contact Forms, Save & Share, and more, to local business at prices local businesses can afford and, by doing so, we’re achieving what they really want from digital service providers – helping them generate more business.

That’s precisely what the Software providers, Digital Agencies, SEO specialists, Reputation Management Platforms, SEM enablers, Website Platforms, Directory Publishers, and all the others that I could mention who are focused on the local media landscape should be passionate about, whether working directly with local businesses, or collaborating with partners who do, for that is the only way we will all benefit. Or, as I heard it profoundly referred to at a trade show event in the recent past, ‘Our collective responsibility to local businesses is to help make phones’ ring and door’s swing!’. It really is as simple as that.

Agendize launches its mobile-optimized Online Scheduling tool

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You can now manage your appointment-based business directly from a smartphone. No need to get stuck behind a desk for hours, switching endlessly from keyboard to mouse while accessing your appointment calendar.

Your user friendly & mobile-optimized platform

Manage your staff, see their individual daily planning. Access the analytics and reports of your account, set all your tool preferences, define your company services and the reminder messages you want to send to your clients.

Manage your business wherever you go

Access all your online appointments from your mobile. See your calendar for the day, for the week or for the month at your convenience. Accept, modify or decline any appointment from your entire schedule quickly and easily via your mobile device. Check your customers’ profiles and get easy access to their contact information.

Work when it suits you, during your commute, while traveling, wherever your smartphone allows you.

A glimpse of your new mobile interface:

  mobile scheduling agendize mobile scheduling agendize screenshot agendize mobile scheduling tool mobile scheduling agendize screenshot

 Have you already tried our mobile online scheduling tool? Do you like it? What would you suggest to improve it? 



Agendize opens two new offices in Mexico and Belgium.

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Agendize, the leading provider of customer engagement solutions for online businesses, and already established in Montreal, New York and Troyes, France, continues its international expansion by opening two additional offices in Mexico City and Brussels.

An international business strategy.

Already long-established in North America, Agendize has been expanding into new territories through becoming a leading solutions provider in the Latin American and European markets.

E-commerce in Mexico has increased significantly in 2012, reaching between $4.6 and $4.9 billion (U.S.) – source. As for Europe, it is the largest e-commerce market in the world with an annual turnover of 300 billion euros - source.

A natural extension to both burgeoning and established markets is the ability to offer interactive services to online consumers such as Live Chat, Click-to-Call and online scheduling; the prospect of which represents an opportunity to increase Agendize’s market share across several international markets.

Erwan Douarinou

Laura VancompernolleBy opening two new offices, led by Laura Vancompernolle in Mexico and Erwan Douarinou in Brussels, respectively, Agendize strengthens its position as a global leader in cloud / SaaS –based services and has built its business around delivering best of breed solutions, coupled with strong partnership relations throughout its customer base of: Resellers, Digital Marketing Agencies, Hosting Companies, Telco’s and Website builders.

About Agendize

Founded in 2003, Agendize offers a suite of private-labeled, interactive, applications that boost engagement between online businesses and their customers. These include Online Appointment Scheduling, Click-to-Call and Live Chat. The flexibility of Agendize solutions and its dedicated customer support team help connect more than 55,000 companies, in 20 countries, to their customers.

Fabulous New Features to Book an Appointment

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A message from Christophe Berge, Chief Architect & Co-Founder of

Dear Agendize Friends,

Summer is already here and even though many of you have vacation on your mind, the Agendize team is always hard at work improving our services. We’re proud to announce several new features added to Book an Appointment, our online scheduling service.

Here’s a list of your wishes come true:

  • In the Book an Appointment widget, instead of having customers choose a service and then a staff member, they can now just choose a service and have our platform select the staff member for them. The staff member will automatically be selected by our system following certain rules: staff who have already served your client, those who are the most available or simply by random selection.
  • Buffer Time. You can now set time aside between two appointments. Buffer time can be used for a delay or a break between appointments. This way, there’s no reason to stress if your appointments are running late and you need a bite to eat, or if you need to allow for travel time between each appointment.
  • Your customers can now change the date of their appointment or cancel it on their own. The confirmation emails sent to customers by our service now contain a personalized link they can follow to access (and modify) the details of their appointment at any time.

We are working on more new features for Book an Appointment which will be announced on the blog in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


New Facebook app turns your fans into loyal customers

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If Facebook friends are real friends, then your Facebook customers are real too. Yes, ALL of them!

As a matter of fact, Facebook, blogs, Twitter and customer reviews are considered the most effective tactics for mobilizing consumers to talk up products online. (Etailing Survey of 117 companies, September ’09)

No matter what industry you’re in, developing your social media presence should be one of your company’s top online marketing priorities. On his blog, young tech entrepreneur, @stanleytang offers 41 Top Tips To Growing Your Social Media Presence. His advice: engage in conversations, be supportive, create a unique/professional profile and treat social media like a cocktail party!

After reading Stanley’s advice and listening to our users’ feedback, we decided to create a Facebook app that will develop any company’s social media presence by converting their visitors into loyal customers. The final product is our very first Facebook app, Online Scheduling with Agendize!

This app allows your Facebook fans to book appointments online with your company 24/7 in real-time, while reducing the numbers of no-shows with automatice and text message notifications. This way, your visitors don’t ever have to visit your webpage to contact you for a question, demo, interview, etc. They can do it all from Facebook where they spend most of their time anyway.

If you already have an Agendize account, it takes one click to add Online Scheduling to your company Facebook page. If you don’t already have one, sign up for Agendize in less than 5 minutes and get $5 in free actions.

Nancy E.