Make the most of Agendize.

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Reduce no-shows by up to 80%, spend 75% less time managing appointments and never face double-bookings again.


Calendar Sync.

Never face double-bookings between calendars again. Synchronize your online appointments with Google Calendar and Windows Live Calendar. Online Scheduling will know when you are not available and your appointments will appear automatically on all your calendars.

Tutorial Videos: Google Calendar and Windows Live Calendar

PDF Guides:

PDF Document Admin Guide – Set up 2-way sync

PDF Document User Guide – Google Calendar Sync

PDF Document User Guide – Windows Live Calendar Sync

SMS reminder

Automatic Notifications.

Reduce no-shows by sending automatic email or SMS notifications to managers, staff members and customers at any point in the booking process.

PDF Guide:

PDF Document Admin Guide – Email and SMS notifications

Email notification

Reminders & To-do’s.

Reduce no-shows by sending automatic email or SMS reminders. Simplify the daily operations of your employees by automatically sending them daily to-do lists.

PDF Guide:

PDF Document Admin Guide – Reminders & To-do lists





Interview with Agendize CEO and Founder Alexandre Rambaud on Foundville

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Hi Agendize friends and tech founders,

Alex sat down last week with Jay Gould from to discuss his experience as a founder and share his wisdom as a seasoned entrepreneur.

Watch the interview here:

What’s your best piece of advice on how to start an online business? Submit your comments below or Tweet us at @agendize

-Nancy E.

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Agendize on

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Hi Agendize Friends,

Matt had the pleasure to meet with Pete Sveen from and break a few records! This is the first time the website hosted an out of town interviewee and the response has been great. Over 200 views in less than 24 hours. Keep them comin’…

You can watch Matt’s interview here:

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A Visual Way to Get Creative with Conversions

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Who said marketing your business online has to be boring? There’s so many fun and creative ways to expose your service/product, engage your customers and convert. Beat the post-summer blues and try these presentation tips out when you have minute or two.

Video Channels, Screencasts, Presentations and more…

Sending newsletters out via email and posting updates on your company blog are both good ways to inform your followers. But after a while these updates can become repetitive and you risk losing your audience’s attention. Keep your clickthrough rates up by trying out new ways to communicate — using YouTube, Camtasia or SlideShare for example.

Create a YouTube Channel and link it to your website, email campaign and social media pages. Use your webcam to shoot video updates with tips, announcement and updates. Read ReelSEO’s 9 Tips for Increasing Video Conversions for more advice.

Watching a screencast is more interesting than scrolling down bland pages of instructions. A video tutorial can explain your product/service in a more clearer and entertaining way (which is more likely to be remembered). Camtasia makes it quick and easy to record and edit your screencasts. It even gives you the option to post your videos directly to your YouTube channel. Don’t forget to add Click-to-Call to your video pages in case your customers  have questions after watching your presentation.

Another way to expose your brand is by adding your company’s whitepapers, conference notes and slideshow presentations to Slideshare. There’s no reason to keep all documents secret. The digital age is all about sharing information and knowledge. The more transparent you are with your conversion and marketing strategies, the more opportunities you will have to engage and interact with other experts in your field.

Nancy E.

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Interview with Agendize Founder and CEO Alexandre Rambaud on

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Hi Agendize friends,

Alex met with Mike Sullivan from to answer a few questions over Skype about Agendize and starting a business.

Watch and vote for Alex’s interview here. interviews entrepreneurs from all walks, across all industries, and from around the world. We focus on their habits and methods; what makes them tick. The primary focus of is entrepreneurship. M.O. is the abbreviation for Modus Operandi or Method of Operating and we interview entrepreneurs to learn about their methods and to share their strategies and business philosophies with our readers.We’re entrepreneurs ourselves and we get energized talking with others that have traveled down the same path of launching a new business or folks that are just about to embark on the adventure of starting a business.


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Welcome to the Agendize Support Library

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Hi friends,

At Agendize, we’re always happy to lend a helping hand. We make sure that creating, installing and managing our conversion tools is always a quick and easy process for our new and returning customers.For those of you who asked for an extra guide on getting started, we’ve created the Agendize Support Library, our very own audio-visual collection of helpful screencasts and resources.

Scroll down the list of guides and select the relevant screencast based on each of our products.  Our tutorials will guide you step- by- step on creating and managing your Agendize buttons.Be sure to check out the Agendize Support Library, Forum and Blog regularly to find the answers to the questions you have been wondering about.

Feedback/Suggestions? Tell us today! We’re always excited to hear from our friends.

Have a nice day,

The Agendize Team

Interview with Agendize VP Product Matt Fogel on The Business Beware Show

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Hi Agendize friends,

Matt met with Ashley and Leah Bodi from The Business Beware Show to answer a few questions over Skype. The two sisters were excited to learn more about Agendize and listen to Matt’s tips for small businesses and new entrepreneurs.

Watch the interview here:

The interview will also be aired on Biz TV in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

Nancy E.

The Business Beware Show is the edgy, non-fluff show for business owners and customers that brings you business humor, business advice and interviews with small business owners from all over and customer service education with a twist.

Proving the Power of Feedback with Agendize Comment & Rate

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Remember the expression two heads are better than one? The principle is simple: people perform better and make wiser decisions by working together. In the eCommerce world, customer support is greatly value: Research shows that between 40 – 63% percent of online consumers will read a review guide or testimonial before purchasing a product or service.

Giving your online customers what they want can be challenging at times. It’s important to find new ways of gathering the necessary information to improve your business and find out what interests your leads. Creating a venue where customers and prospects can share information is also required. People want to communicate with real people online and not only a salesperson or brochure.

Comment & Rate is a quick, effective and free solution to gather, organize and share powerful feedback and user testimonials.

When running a small or medium business, you especially want to play it safe. You have less time and money to waste. By inviting your users to comment and rate your product/service, you will discover new ways to improve your business and satisfy your customers. By adding Comment & Rate buttons throughout your website and blog, you create stronger relationships with your audiences, increasing dialogue and traffic on your website. People want to know their opinions are valued. Show them you do and create a loyal following.

In less than 5 minutes, you can create, install and moderate your Comment & Rate buttons. Watch the screencast here:

Nancy E.

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The Agendize recipe: 10 steps to better conversion

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Last week’s post explored 3 amazing SEO resources that can improve you website’s traffic and conversion rates. After spotting many positive comments,  re-tweets and starting a discussion, we decided to continue the (conversion) conversation. Just for you!

We’re always happy to spread the love and tips on how to improve your business.This time around, the good advice comes from us, The Agendize Team, with a little help from

To celebrate the first day of summer (and our lovely new office),we share with you our homemade recipe of conversion success. Check out this amazing 8-slide online presentation called “Does your conversion rate suck? 10 tips to better your conversion.

We hope you like it.

Now it’s your turn to spread the word. Send this presentation to your colleagues,followers and friends!

Nancy E.

Your Social Media and Website Strategies—Together They’re Better

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If Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s fourth largest, between the United States and Indonesia.  And if your company website was a country, how large would it be?  Hmmm…

Video courtesy of @equalman (

In a recent blog post, @BrianSolis investigates the ROI of social media.He refers to:

The Benchmark Report: MarketingSherpa, sponsored by Vocus, to prove the growing importance of social of business’ budgets and the increase social spending between 2010 and 2011. The report found that the priority areas for businesses responding to executive requests to “show them the money” have several issues to overcome such as developing an effective social marketing strategy, converting social media followers into paying customers and so forth.

More and more businesses of all sizes are introducing social media budgets, experts and tools to the workplace. However, the issue above lies in the fact that social media strategies are often handled independently from additional digital action plans. Social media planning is growing too distant from the company’s home base—the website.

Uniting your online strategies is essential to successful communication.

Once online communication strategies are more aligned, ROI can be better measured (and will increase if you’re taking the right steps). The more communication tools your business offers, the bigger the chance you have of growing a significant audience interaction  on whichever digital venue you choose to use— websites, blogs, Facebook, etc.

Your website and social media blueprint must share the same objectives:

  1. Keeping the lines of communication open when your visitors are online and long after they leave and;
  2. Always keeping your visitors close to the brand.

As @ChrisBrogan explained in Entrepreneur:

Your main site is your home base: There are two things your website should do well: execute a solid call to action and give people a way to connect with you further.

Whether you’re selling shoes, apps or ideas, your website should always promote a clear-cut call to action.It’s also important that you make it easy for your visitors to contact you.

Why would anyone want to do business with an impossible-to-reach business? Live contact with Click-to-Call, Scheduling and Chat tools are more than necessary for any Contact Us page. Shouldn’t contacting a business via their website be just as easy (if not more) as posting on a friend’s Facebook wall? Quick, easy and live conversion and customer service solutions are part of the revolution

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