Great news: you can now track all of your Agendize actions in your Google Analytics account! In addition to being able to track the actions, you can configure the completed call, chat, appointment, form, save, share and comment actions as conversion goals, with each open of the dialog box being tracked as a step in the funnel to that goal.

Agendize Actions in Google Analytics

Setting it up

To get started on integrating your Agendize actions with your Google Analytics stats, you first need to get the Google Analytics ID for the website on which the Agendize buttons will be placed. To get this ID log in to Google Analytics, and choose the relevant account. On the list of Website Profiles, find the one belonging to the site in question, and copy the UA-XXXXXX-X number immediately to the right of that website’s URL. That is your Google Analytics ID.

Now, log in to your Agendize account and when creating or editing a button, you’ll notice a new block just below the Customization panel:

Setting up your Google Analytics ID

Check the “Enable Google Analytics Integration” box, and enter the Google Analytics ID you found earlier in the text field, save the button, and you’re done! Once the button code is copied to a page and a visitor starts using it, the activity will be tracked in Google Analytics.

How will my actions appear in Google Analytics?

Your Agendize actions will be sent to Google Analytics as pageviews on fictional pages. When a dialog box loads, “/agendize/<action type>/load” is sent, and when an action is completed (phone call is made, appointment is scheduled, etc.) “/agendize/<action type>/action” is sent.

Configuring Conversion Goals

Given the level of engagement enabled by the Agendize tools, it makes sense to include them as part of your site’s conversion goals. To do so, consult Google’s guide to setting up goals. When you get to step 8, choose “URL Destination”. The URL to enter then depends on which action type you’re looking to track. For a full list of URLs, see the table below.

Configuring Conversion Funnels

If you want to take it one step further and also track each dialog box open, you can add the open to your conversion funnel. To set up the funnel, refer to Google’s guide to defining funnels. On the second step, the URL to enter depends on which action type you’ll be tracking. See the table below for the full list of URLs.


Action Type Dialog Box Open URL Completed Action URL
Call me /agendize/call/load /agendize/call/action
Chat /agendize/chat/load /agendize/chat/action
Form /agendize/form/load /agendize/form/action
Schedule an Appointment /agendize/scheduling/load /agendize/scheduling/action
Send by SMS /agendize/sms/load /agendize/sms/action
Save to Calendar /agendize/pim/load /agendize/pim/action
Save to Address Book /agendize/pim/load /agendize/pim/action
Comment & Rate /agendize/testimonials/load /agendize/testimonials/action
Share /agendize/online/load /agendize/online/action
Send by Email /agendize/email/load /agendize/email/action
Save to Blog /agendize/blog/load /agendize/blog/action
Send by IM /agendize/im/load /agendize/im/action
Print /agendize/print/load /agendize/print/action
Combination Button /agendize/combo/load /agendize/combo/action
Save to GPS /agendize/gps/load /agendize/gps/action
Save to PDF /agendize/pdf/load /agendize/pdf/action



As always, if you have any questions or feedback, get in touch on the forum!

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  • Sébastien Brodeur

    If we use the API to integrate the “Agendize pages” into our site, does the GA integration work?

    • Matt Fogel

      Great question, Sébastien. The Google Analytics integration is tied in with our built-in dialog boxes, so if you use them on your site, it will work as you’d expect. 

      If, however, you use our Action API ( to build your own interface to one of our tools, then we no longer have control over the interface and can’t send the data back to Google. 

      What you could do in that case is to add some Google Analytics event tracking or fake pageview code to your custom interface and achieve a similar goal. Here’s a link to some information on event tracking in Google Analytics:

      I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to post them here, or click on the “Call me” or “Chat with me” buttons at the bottom of the page to speak with a member of our team directly.

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